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Good day, dear girls. I noticed this Elegant Women's Ladies Painting Print Print Splicing Lace dress by chance, leafing through the reviews I got on a review of this dress, and I just fell in love with it, I decided it was incredible, and I ordered the same for myself. I bought it for $ 19 with a coupon discount in Whatwears online store, now it costs more. Included was a belt, which I also really liked, as it turned out to be of high quality and very beautiful. The material of the dress is lace over the top and woolen below. The dress turned out to be a bit short on me. Therefore, I decided that I would do the same as in the reviews of other girls, sew on the bottom of the lace. It turned out even better and it is not even visible that it is short. I don’t like the dress as it looks without a belt on me, it jumps up on me and fills me like a bag, but on my friend, who is bigger than me, she looks very good without a belt. But when I already wear a belt, then a completely different picture, which I really like. There is no need for words, just look at it. I recommend ordering without fear for the promo codes of the Whatwears store, the dress is very elegant. Thank you for your attention!