Whatwears Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Hello. The main criterion in the choice of Chinese dresses, is for me the length, they tortured little ones! With an average height of 170 centimeters and an average size of 46, I am already a giant with the Chinese, therefore, first of all I look at the length of the dress, from 92 centimeters, and the bust, as a rule, immediately take XL or XXL — no longer happens! In this dress Chiffon Handmade Bead Shoulder Bow Belt Sleeveless Pleated Vest — I liked the style very much, and I see that it is popular in the Whatwears online store, the most important thing is normal length! I love chiffon, although it is synthetic, it looks light and airy than heavy, heavy knitwear or viscose. I ordered it during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 at a price of $ 17. In fact, it turned out that the dress differs from the picture in the store only in the number of beads — there are fewer of them. Everything else — pleased, glamorous, just for summer — the fabric is translucent, but does not shine through — there is a lining, sewn exactly, the seams are correct, the belt with the loops, the length is excellent! Looks exactly like the model! And once again about the size — according to the table, judging by the bust, my L, took XL — it turned out to be right next to it.