Whatwears official online store

At the end of 2017, I completely switched to independent orders from the official online store Whatwears. And then a series of orders for dresses started. Among them I want to talk about a black and beige dress, decorated with lace. I chose according to the principle just like it — I do not like it + the number of orders before me. The order came pretty quickly: in about 18 days. Overall, I liked the Bandage New Arrival Women Elegant Embroidery Bodycon dress. The lace was, of course, far from being as beautiful as in the picture, but I was ready for it. A few stitches with a needle and a steamer fixed the situation. I ordered the smallest size — M. In general, in life I wear S or XS, but here I was guided by other reviews, in which almost everyone wrote that the dress was not very small in size. In principle, the dress of the village is quite fit, although I would not say that it is directly very small. To me it was not tight, although it did not hang in a bag. My options are 82-61-88. Height 156 centimeters. It is a little longer than my knee in length. I liked the small round cut on the back. On the one hand, this allows you to show a good show neck, on the other — any underwear, because the neckline is not very deep. The fabric, of course, is not natural, but at the same time the dress survived as many washes without problems. Therefore, for the quality of a separate plus to the Chinese. And given its price, it is generally above all praise. Everything is sewn perfectly, there were no threads on receipt. For me, the quality of the seams was quite important, because the dress was sewn not just from pieces, but from a fabric of a different color. That a year ago, that today my volumes remained unchanged, so now I calmly put on this dress. And to be honest, on girls 40-44 size, it still looks more advantageous than on ladies 52 size. On the expanses of the official online store Whatwears I met the same model, but not in beige, but in blue and even black. Such modifications just will look good and with a larger size. Again, it should be borne in mind that the lace does not stretch, so when choosing the size, first of all it is necessary to proceed from the chest size and chest volume. In my opinion and experience, this dress is well suited for late spring and early autumn. I proceed precisely from the weather conditions of my city, where at a temperature of +19 this dress is very comfortable.