Whatwears official site of online store

Having received her first order from the official site of online store Whatwears, and it was a pretty cocktail dress, I decided to buy myself a work order. I wanted to find something official, but at the same time feminine. My choice fell on a dress just below the knee of a dark blue color with white lace. From previous experience, I realized that it is better to choose clothes a size larger, and comparing my parameters with the size grid of the store, also waiting for a minor discount of 5 percent, I clicked on the buy now button and began to look forward to the notice in the mailbox. The package did not take long, went about a month or a little more. And here I am trying on another update. At its height of 172 centimeters, and the parameters 93-70-93 ordered the size of L and did not lose. The dress sat down like a glove. Now about the quality of the dress itself: the fabric of the store is declared as spandex plus polyester, 100 percent polyester is written on the label. The fabric is quite pleasant to the touch, stretches, but not much. The lines are even, there were some unnecessary strings, but cutting them off was not a big deal. The dark color of the dress perfectly dilutes the white lace that is sewn on the dress. I hope that when washing the dress does not shed, and the lace will retain its whiteness. Also included was a belt, rather low quality, although the dress can be worn without it. The dress cost me $ 26.99, in my opinion it is a great price for this outfit. In general, I want to note that this purchase turned out to be successful for me, which strengthened my desire to dress on the official site of online store Whatwears. There, I already bought outfits for all occasions, and I also began to wear my children there. Wait for the next reviews from me, I hope they will be useful to someone.