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Hello! Now it's time to come back after a long absence and tell you again about the new thing from the well-known official site Whatwears. In general, I ordered this Fashion women denim slim dress summer dress a long time ago — in November, almost a year ago, but I only started wearing it this autumn. I don't know why it took so long to gather dust in the closet, because I liked the dress right away. I guess I just decided that I had nowhere to wear it, although I understood now: the dress is incredibly versatile, both to feasting and to the world! I ordered it, as far as I remember, after reading reviews. I was bribed by both the material itself and the length, which with my height is very important. Now let's talk about the culprit of the review. I chose size M and did not make the wrong decision on my parameters — about 84-66-92 centimeters: the dress is fine. Is that a little too big at the waist, but this problem is intended to regulate the belt. By the way about him. To be honest, the belt that comes in the set is the main problem of this dress. It is very shaky, made of a strange material, a very small number of holes are made in it, and it is also very long. If you still decide to wear a dress with him, then you need to modify the belt itself. I made a couple of extra holes so that the belt would still sit at the waist, where he and the place, and not crawled into the hips, and while wearing a dress with him. However, in the future I plan to combine the dress with a belt-sash. I think the set will be excellent. The rest of the dress sat on me as planned. In general, I initially knew that it was long, but when I tried on the length I was struck anyway. She is very chaste, even with my long legs. Therefore, tall girls can safely order this outfit. The skirt itself is the sun. There are two pockets in stock, and for me this is just a very nice detail: with the hands in the pockets, the dress looks even better, as it seems to me. In general, the dress is made in such a way that everything that is above the belt, on the cut, most closely resembles an ordinary jeans shirt: a collar, a pocket, sleeves with cuffs, buttons. The only disadvantage that this whole construction has is the fact that the dress is rather hard to iron. In general, I don’t like the process of ironing and I try to devote as little time as possible to it, so for me this is a real problem. However, ironing such a huge shirt can also be a good reason, therefore, shooting a quality item for such nonsense is nonsense. By the way, I can not fail to note that the sleeves of the dress are as long as it is, that is, they are not short to me. I, of course, much more like them tucked, but still nice that you can wear in two versions. If we talk about the functionality of the dress, then I have already said that I consider it the most versatile. While autumn is not very cold, I wear it everywhere, supplementing with a cardigan. Here is such a gray-blue image I usually get. By the way, almost all of this image was compiled using the official site Whatwears. I think that in winter, in combination with tight tights, coats and ankle boots, the dress will look good. I was delighted with this dress! Yes, it was not so cheap, but the quality of this thing is not Chinese at all. I have already made compliments more than once, noting that the dress is incredibly cool. And certainly no one suspected that it was from China. Therefore, I can recommend a dress with peace of mind!