Yoins Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I think I've loved jeans ever since I first tried them on. When it was? Oh no, I definitely will not remember. For a long time, a very long time. But I remember the period of flares from the hip, then from the knee, then just straight, and then the defense was firmly taken by the narrowed jeans. Now you believe me that my love has survived a lot? And quite recently, as if succumbing to mass madness, the stores were filled with ragged jeans. Wearing these became unexpectedly fashionable and stylish! And the number of holes on your legs could be chosen to your taste. The option is more-better in this case no longer worked. This time I was on the sidelines for a long time, well, sort of like not by age already. Or? No, I decided to give up. So in my wardrobe the first boyfriends appeared with holes in their laps — for summer, of course. And then came autumn and wanted to find something less leaky, but still relevant. And, of course, to help me in this business, I, as always, came to the world of virtual shopping. This time, what I liked was found in the Chinese store Yoins. Most of all I was amazed by the name, which the Google translator carefully offered me — narrow, sinister jeans. Just like a horror movie, do not you think? But I'm not scared, and on the model there's nothing so outrageous that I could not find, so the jeans went straight to the basket. And twenty-two days later I was greeted with fervent greetings from the staff of the post office — the parcel was delivered. In neat branded packages lay my sinister new thing. Jeans I liked at once — narrow, rather dense, with accurate wipes, they directly met my requirements. The only thing that surprised me for some reason is the color. I do not know how I looked, but on the site they seemed to me almost black, and in life, rather dark blue. Or is it the color rendition that suffers, or is it that the Chinese have made some kind of nonsense? Although a friend accidentally saw the photo on the site, commented that she would never have ordered them, but in life they are very even nothing. The jeans are buttoned up with a button and a zipper — a classic of the genre. The hole for the button, by the way, was sewn. It seems like it is believed that this is an indicator of the quality of what no one has before you. Pockets are not deceptions, deep enough, two in front, two in the back. And the most important plus is the length. Length! Those who more than once made purchases on Chinese sites know that girls with a height of 170 centimeters can think of the idea of ​​buying jeans there simply to forget, well, or to get used to that they will be shortened panties. But here is the standard model, even with heels or a platform, jeans do not look short. As soon as I finally believed in it, a thousand thanks went to the one who sewed them! And since I began to talk about the size, I'll stop on it a little more in detail. On the site there are different size grids, I used to focus on the European. By habit and size, I approached the EC36. Looking ahead, I will say that everything is right, the size grid is correct. That's just me for a month of waiting managed to lose weight for some reason exactly in the legs, and the jeans were slightly too big. Not critical, but not perfect. For orientation my parameters: waist 72, hips 96, height 172 centimeters. And choosing between bigger and smaller, I advise you to take a smaller size. Jeans have a habit of stretching, so in any case nalezut. But, if you take on the growth, then there's nothing to be done. I painted a lot and from the heart! But if it's short, the model is interesting, the price is acceptable, the quality is excellent! Jeans are ideal for the period of spring-autumn and the color scheme, and the density of the material. So I think for the period of cold weather, lying under the blanket and mass absorption of sweets, by spring we will again be inseparable friends with them. I acquired Skinny Jeans with Distressing during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 for $ 15.95.