Yoins official online store

Hello, shopaholics and lovers of profitable shopping! Today's my review will be about a stunning fur vest from the official online store Yoins. Girls, this is a direct song of some kind! I write with heat, with heat! Just received a parcel from this site, she was welcome! I ordered 2 things and an accessory. In this review, as I said earlier, I want to show you a fur vest. My beauty was delivered to me a little more than a month. The order was issued on 14.11.2017 received on 18.12.2017. As you can see, delivery by mail is not the fastest option, but the main thing is that everything has come. For a long time I was looking for a similar thing, last fall looked at these vests in the store Mango, but the price, as you know, they were not democratic at all, something about $ 100. So when I saw this model on the official online store Yoins, without hesitation I ordered. In addition, the price for it is $ 21. Feel the difference, right? Now let's look at the waistcoat in more detail. As you noticed, it is not made from natural fur, but it looks rather dignified and noble, perhaps because of the color. 1) All sewn very neatly, no sticking thread or foreign smell. 2) I wear the size S, so I chose 2 on the site, it sits well, but it would be possible to take M, if there is a desire to poke a tight sweater under it or something like that. 3) Lining is similar to silk, but I think it's some other material, all the same the purchase is quite budgetary. 4) Troubled that the tag and label with the name of another store, for all my orders is the first time. Well, okay, the main thing — a cool thing. In the process of delivery a little wriggled, well, it's fixable, and so the vest White Sleeveless Faux Fur Coat — very cool. I am very happy and happy that she is now mine. Moreover, we often visit the skating rink with the child, there it is simply irreplaceable! I recommend to everyone and everyone! Thank you for attention!