Zaful Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I have long wanted to order a white sweater for myself, but I could not make my choice on a particular model. Once again, visiting the official site of Zaful, I saw the thing that seemed to me the very thing. I'm talking now about a pullover v neck cable knit sweater. Outwardly, it is fully consistent with the picture of the store. The shade is white, clean, beautiful. There is no hint of beige or shade of milk. I just did not have such a thing in the wardrobe. The jumper is sewn of fabric, which is a small knit. Features of weaving vary in different parts of the product. The front of the ornament is similar to the braids, it also complements the sleeves, and the back without a pronounced pattern is just facial binding. The design as a whole and today I really like it. I do not make any special claims to the quality of sewing. The seams are processed well, the fabric is sewn with invisible threads. On the ground of the junction of the fabric formed prominent grooves, which is actually natural. The edges of the fabric here do not need processing, because it is machine knitted, it does not dissolve by itself. It is not clear to me only why the label indicating the size is sewn to the shoulder also from the front side. I understand that it can be cut off and no one will notice anything, but still it is a cant. Not immediately I spotted him, but when I saw, I was at a loss. Maybe it is necessary? In appearance, this jumper I can not call cheap. Perhaps, if we compare it with expensive branded items, one could cling to something, but at the moment I think that this thing can beautify the image and wardrobe as a whole. I ordered size M, which was my mistake. It is also sold in size S, but it seemed to me that the oversight should be bigger. Accordingly, the thing on me is big, which is really noticeable. This is no longer an overseas style, but simply a thing not in size. Especially seen on the shoulders that the sweater does not suit me. The same can be said about him, if you evaluate the decollete zone. The cut is too deep for me. I suppose that the size S would look more harmonious. But the length of the product as a whole and the sleeves turned out to be suitable. With Chinese things, I often guess exactly with the length. In this case, lucky, but still an unpleasant aftertaste. The great advantage of white things is that they are easily combined with everyday things. Put them on with jeans from the same store. The dress turned out simple, but harmonious. I tried to wear this jumper with warm pants. It was just so convenient, because I was already in them. The idea is not bad, to fill the jumper in high-rise pants, only if the pants were not so warm. In this case, the complete incompatibility of clothing for the season. So your skeptical views, I understand. Summing up, I can say that the jumper deserves a solid four, but I remind you that I am comparing it with other Chinese things. Perhaps, against the background of brand it will not look so advantageous, but among Chinese clothes this thing is very worthy. I rented a star for the joint with the label. I bought a jumper at Zaful online store during the sale of Global Shopping Festival 11.11 at a price of $ 18.99.