Zapals coupons and promo codes

A couple of months ago there was a need to buy a new phone. My long-lived LG G2 mini pleased me for 4 years, but it is already morally obsolete, and even tired. The first selection criterion was memory — operational and built-in, because on the last device I lacked it disastrously. The second criterion was the design, then the price and so on through the list. I really liked the Blackview BV 7000 PRO, it was suitable in all respects, plus two SIM cards — what I need! Memory 4 Gb + 64 Gb, with a coupon discount of about $ 190 in the online store Zapals. Before buying, my husband and I decided to go to a regular store to see how it would fall in my hand, after all, the model is more suitable for men. I don’t want an apple in principle — although I have iMAC and iPAD, I believe that the price is inadequately high for the set of functions that every decent smartphone has, and the design is already hackneyed. It is convenient to hold a smartphone, there are small grooves along the edges, a rubberized insert along the contour — even on the street in a glove it does not jump out of the hand. In short, I did not want to part with him and bought right there. I like that the minimum of applications downloaded from the manufacturer: Browser, recorder, calendar, calculator, camera, contacts, music, backup, phone, clock, radio, sms, flashlight. And that's it! No unnecessary features, games and programs, pictures, occupying additional space. There is a fingerprint recognition option — it is very convenient, when locking it is not necessary all the time to enter a password or a pattern, although it is also there. Supports 4G — the Internet just flies, a strong battery is declared from the manufacturer 3500 mAh. I do not know how many days it is, but if the mobile Internet is on, pictures, calls, sms plus sometimes works in modem mode, by the end of the day another 40% remains. If WI-FI is enabled and there are few calls — 3 days keeps the charge and energy saving switches on. For my needs is enough. A protective film has already been pasted onto the screen, but another one is included. Also included headphones. But: keep in mind that it has a longer plug, so the standard ones will not work. There is also charging, but the connector is also not standard, so there is still an adapter, thanks to it you can charge from almost any charge, which is very pleasing. A USB cable is also available. So, summing up the above, I am very pleased with the purchase of the promo code of the Zapals online store and I definitely recommend the Blackview BV 7000 PRO smartphone.