Zapals Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Hello! I did not find the Blackview BV 7000 PRO in the stores of a particular smartphone model, so I bought it from Zapals online store during the sale of Global Shopping Festival 11.11 at about $ 180. This is a really high-quality smartphone, and it is useful for people of extreme professions! Declared by the manufacturers of ip 68 fully guaranteed! He personally threw the phone into the pool, it works without failures. The camera is quite good, 13 MP, I don’t need more. Comes complete with three protective films, one of which is already pasted, there are also headphones, various adapters. The only problem I encountered by my stupidity, did not increase the volume of the battery, by fully discharging and fully charging at the beginning of use, so now the battery keeps a day with average use. But in general, I am very pleased with the purchase of a Blackview smartphone. Thank you for your attention and good shopping!