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Good day. Today I want to talk about the phone Oukitel C8 purchased on the official site Zapals. My daughter turned 6 in the summer. And she went with a simple call. On her birthday, it was decided to give her Android. There are a lot of reasons, firstly I can always track where, what and how my child does. And this is important. Also tutorials are also very useful by the way. Climbed the entire Internet counted a bunch of reviews. Could not decide on a choice. I wanted and quality and not expensive. A friend advised this smartphone model. We went and looked. Price of course surprised. Well, what can I think, the price then for some kind of discount was $ 60. Well, just no where cheaper. Have ordered. It went our order exactly 3 weeks. The main thing came before the birthday. Naturally decided to check myself. I took it to work and used it there for a week so that my daughter would not see it. What can I say. The quality is excellent. He thinks fast, the Internet runs great, a good camera for this money, and the front one, too. The battery keeps the day, if the Internet is constantly working, if you watch movies. If the Internet is turned off, do not play, do not watch videos all day, then you can safely forget about charging for two days. Outwardly, it looks very not even bad, neat, comfortable. Ordered lilac, nice rich color came. By the way, the bonus came silicone case — nice. Conclusion: the phone of their money is definitely, the official site Zapals — I recommend.