ZINVO Global Shopping Festival 11.11

A year ago, my uncle made me a birthday present. Wrist watch ZINVO. I really liked the present. Good design. The average size. There is a backlight arrows. There is a window for setting the date. Once 5 already dropped them on the asphalt. Durable glass. Also very resistant to water. Constantly my hands without taking off, take a shower. Work fine. For a long period of operation there are no shortcomings. I was looking for a price on the Internet. In general, the price for them is $ 249. Depends on where they will be brought from. I was bought during Global Shopping Festival 11.11, of course, they were cheaper. Saw sold at auction. Originally there was a leather strap. With him, they look much better. The strap was lost by me. By my own stupidity. I had to buy the same. Soon I want to buy the original one. Not so long ago was the case. Accidentally with a swing hit the watch on the plastic box. At the same moment they stood up. I was very upset. I thought that I would have to pay for repairs, and he would not be cheap. In a pinch, I would have to buy others. What I really did not want, because I really like this watch. Then, after coming home, I decided to disassemble myself and see. He took off the back cover. Seeing that the battery is a little biased, I was alerted. I decided to pull it out. I put it back and the clock worked. Apparently at the impact she just jumped out a little. I was very glad that my watch works again. I would recommend ZINVO to everyone. Thank you for attention.