ZINVO official online store

Today I will talk about my favorite watch. The owner of which I became thanks to the official online store ZINVO. I really do not know whether it's male or female, or maybe it's unisex. But when I dressed them for the first time, I definitely decided that I would wear them on my arm. And I do not care what kind of model it is. By the way forgot to say that it was in May 2017. And they cost at the time $ 249. For that time is not cheap. About quality. The battery that was originally in the clock worked without rest. For a year of use there was not even a hint of inaccurate time. I'm always sure of my watch. The glass on the watch is sapphire. Strap of genuine leather. On the use. I love to wear a watch. That's why I wear them almost always when I'm not at home. Even now, when I'm on maternity leave, I do not go for a walk without a clock. Once you try, you can hardly refuse them! The official online store ZINVO unequivocally recommend it to everyone.